[docs] Notities Over OpenLDAP

Dit zijn mijn notities over OpenLDAP. Deze notities dienen een dubbele functie: ze zijn een referentie voor mezelf bij het leren over OpenLDAP, EN ik hoop anderen er ook wat aan hebben in hun eigen leerproces. Houd er rekening mee dat ik werk vanuit het perspectief van een Software Engineer, niet een certified LDAPer, of hoe zoiets ook mag heten in het vakgebied ;). ... Continue reading

How To Use Your Email Client For Physical Mail

Whether it's to re-read a conversation, find a plane ticket I ordered or check when a meeting was planned, I often find myself looking up old emails. It's usually easy to do so because email clients are designed for the task: Many of them support full-text search and some even complement that with neat tagging and categorization systems. To be honest I have become completely dependent on ... Continue reading

Creating a Simple Static Blog

I love personal websites. It's amazing that people can share content with the entire world just by writing some text and throwing it behind a web server. I wanted to know what that is like, so I set out to create a personal website of my own. As you can see I succeeded in doing so, but getting here wasn't as straight forward as I initially thought it would be. I thought that, being a ... Continue reading


Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Hugo. I am a 22 year old Software Engineering student from the Netherlands. Software development is a huge part of my life, I write a lot of (weird) programs to scratch my own itch and most software I create is open_source by default. I also run a one-man company that provides some IT services on the side. ... Continue reading