How To Use Your Email Client For Physical Mail

Whether it's to re-read a conversation, find a plane ticket I ordered or check when a meeting was planned, I often find myself looking up old emails. It's usually easy to do so because email clients are designed for the task: Many of them support full-text search and some even complement that with neat tagging and categorization systems. To be honest I have become completely dependent on ... Continue reading

Creating a Simple Static Blog

I love personal websites. It's amazing that people can share content with the entire world just by writing some text and throwing it behind a web server. I wanted to know what that is like, so I set out to create a personal website of my own. As you can see I succeeded in doing so, but getting here wasn't as straight forward as I initially thought it would be. I thought that, being a ... Continue reading


Hello, welcome to my blog! My name is Hugo. I am a 22 year old Software Engineering student from the Netherlands. Software development is a huge part of my life, I write a lot of (weird) programs to scratch my own itch and most software I create is open_source by default. I also run a one-man company that provides some IT services on the side. ... Continue reading